Sobs over souvlaki

Souvlaki tend to become somewhat of a luxury as their price approaches 4 euros.

Gone are the days when the Greeks’ favorite “street food”, traditional souvlaki, was one of the fastest and at the same time cheap dishes.

The increase in prices for raw materials “hit” your favorite food and not only, the newspaper writes. Now the price of gyros has jumped to more than 3 euros, and according to the owners of barbecue grills, with a sharp rise in prices on the market, its price can reach as much as 4 euros!

“People are very unhappy with the situation. But they apparently do not understand what is happening in the market today. They think that by raising prices, we thereby increase our income. But it’s not! We have big problems with the raw materials we buy due to rising prices. For example, flatbread, sunflower oil, chicken meat, pork, paper packaging – for all this prices have risen sharply. We bought a ten-liter package of sunflower oil in February at 1.40 (per kg), and now at 3.20-3.49. The cost of meat products has risen by about 35% since January,” says Aris Chronopoulos, owner of souvlaki in Haidari, Egaleo and Pallini.

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