EU plan to phase out Russian fuel angered Greece

Greeks are unhappy with the plan EU on the refusal of Russian energy resources, showed a survey of citizens conducted by RIA Novosti.

The head of the EC, Ursula von der Leyen, presented a large-scale package of measures in order to get away from Russian energy resources as early and efficiently as possible. The RePowerEU plan implies a restructuring of the European energy system: fuel economy, an increase in the share of renewable energy, and the search for alternative gas suppliers.

However, the inhabitants of Greece, as writes GreekReporter, Referring to the results of the survey, they consider this program untimely. They fear, not without reason, that the proposed measures will inevitably lead to higher prices. Many believe that Brussels “every day makes life worse” by its actions.

Manolis, a 52-year-old bus driver, complains that his income barely covers his needs. He sees the rising price of gasoline as a particularly big problem:

“Brussels doesn’t know how hard it is for the average European to cope with all these price hikes in food and energy. The increase in fuel costs is unfortunately being passed on to passengers, as it is with almost every product or service these days.”

Nikos, a 34-year-old political scientist and lawyer, is convinced that the energy transition will be long and may take decades, and the REpowerEU plan will gradually fade into oblivion, like other EU green initiatives. According to Nikos, in order to achieve energy security, the EU should move closer to the nearest region with large reserves of fuel – Russia, this will also help in the fight against high prices. He says:

The EU must look at the situation realistically. From a geopolitical point of view, a superpower cannot maintain this status unless it is energetically independent.

Eleni, a 38-year-old microbiologist, has no doubts that the EU should continue to buy fuel from the Russian Federation and switch to “clean” energy in the future. Commenting on the potential refusal of Brussels from energy resources from Russia, she notes:

I don’t think now is the right time for such decisions.

And 34-year-old chef Vaggelis called the REpowerEU plan another mistake the European Union is making:

The EU didn’t have to do anything but continue to get energy from where they already get it from, Russia, and also try to keep energy prices low so that we can finally work after COVID-19 and lead a normal daily life. Europeans can no longer endure all the extraordinary conditions they face in their daily lives.

Recall that due to the refusal to comply with the requirements of the Russian Federation to pay for deliveries in rubles, Bulgaria, Poland and Finland have already been excommunicated from the gas pipe. The EC accuses the Kremlin of blackmail. European REpower EU program is aimed at diversifying energy sources and reducing dependence on Moscow.

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