UK: Ukrainian refugees are driven out into the street

After quarrels with landlords or childish misunderstandings, Ukrainian refugees in Britain find themselves on the street.

As writes Daily Mail, approximately 26,000 refugees entered the country under the “Home for Ukraine” program, but not all of them have a smooth new life. The British publication notes that often refugees are notified of eviction in just one day, and people find themselves without a roof over their heads.

One woman received a text message on her phone informing her that she had been evicted from her apartment. Another family did not fit the landlords due to the latter’s vegetarian beliefs. Olga and her 3-year-old son were kicked out of the house because of a quarrel between children, and another refugee was offered to pay for living by marriage.

In addition, many Britons were not prepared for the psychological problems of refugees after war injuries. It is said that many children from Ukraine fall to the floor in horror at loud noises – they mistake them for the sound of explosions from bombs.

The British government is trying to solve all these problems. Now it is working on a “re-selection” service – for those people who, at the whim of the owners, found themselves without housing.

From April 25 in the USA program started “Uniting for Ukraine”. It provides refugees from Ukraine with temporary asylum and the right to work, and started working a month after Biden’s announcement that the US was ready to accept about 100,000 refugees. A similar sponsorship program operates in the UK – about 40,000 visas have already been issued to Ukrainians under it. In Britain, they are promised housing for six months, medical care and a one-time payment.

Yet the US and UK governments have long been criticized for not helping Ukrainian refugees enough.

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