The prosecutor asks for life, the widow agrees to the exchange

In Kyiv, the first trial of a Russian military man accused of murder continues, during which he pleaded guilty and told how it all happened.

Russian Shishimarin, 21-year-old sergeant from the Irkutsk region, accused of murder civilian resident of the Sumy region. According to him, on February 24, together with other Russian military men, he crossed the Ukrainian border from the Belgorod region. The serviceman-tanker, allegedly, did not know that he was going to fight, and had dry rations for only 3 days.

On the morning of February 28, Shishimarin’s column was driving through the Sumy region towards Russia to take out the wounded, writes UNIAN. In the area of ​​the village of Grinchenkove, they were attacked by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, breaking the column. The Russians were left without transport and divided into several groups. In one of them was Shishimarin and four other Russian soldiers.

Between the villages of Chupakhovka and Grinchenkovo, they noticed a man in a Volkswagen car. The Russians shot the car, but its owner managed to escape. Having turned the confiscated vehicle around, the group headed for the village of Chupakhovka, planning to reach their troops. In the village, the military saw a civilian man talking on the phone to 62-year-old Alexander Shelipov. Further, the direct speech of the defendant Shishimarin:

“On the way Ensign Makeev (who was driving) saw a man who was talking on the phone. Makeev said that he would hand us over, that he was calling the military. And he ordered to shoot. began to tell me in an orderly tone that I should shoot. And he argued that we would not reach our troops, that we would not call for help, that we were in danger. I did not see the victim at that time. I saw him only when we were with him caught up, and I fired a short burst. Thus, I killed him. “

During the investigation, it was established that on February 28, in the village of Chupakhivka, Sumy region, the accused saw an unarmed resident walking with a bicycle along the roadside and talking on the phone. He carried out several aimed shots in the head of the 62-year-old victim from a Kalashnikov assault rifle. The man died on the spot, just a few tens of meters from his own home.

The prosecutor’s office asks for a life sentence to the Russian military Vadim Shishimarin, accused of murdering a civilian resident of the Sumy region. At the trial, he pleaded guilty and asked to be forgiven. According to the sane articles, he faces a term of 10 years to life imprisonment. The widow of the murdered man demands that the occupier be sentenced to life imprisonment, however, she stated that she would not mind if Shishimarin was exchanged for defenders from Azovstal:

“But if they change him, including for our Mariupol defenders, guys, I will not be against it, I will be for it.”

Shishimarin became the first Russian military man to appear before a Ukrainian court for war crimes. According to UNIAN, on May 4, he told the SBU how he personally shot civilians in the Sumy region. The agency notes that this is one of the first confessions of the Russian invaders, obtained in the course of a long and painstaking work of the Ukrainian special services.

On May 11, an indictment was submitted to the court against a Russian military officer – the commander of the department of military unit 32010 “4th Tank Kantemirovskaya Division of the Moscow Region”, who killed a civilian in the Sumy region.

In total, the office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine is preparing cases against 41 Russian soldiers. The list of war crimes includes the killing of civilians, the bombing of civilian infrastructure, rape and looting. However, they do not specify how many of the accused are now in Ukrainian captivity.

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