The Niarchos Foundation canceled a €4 million grant to the Ministry of Culture due to “systematic delays”

The SNF grant was aimed at protecting and displaying archaeological finds in the Faliro Delta region, which were discovered in 2016 during excavations carried out for the construction of the cultural center of the Stavros Niarh Foundation, as well as the new National Opera and the National Library.

Scientists believe they have found certificate the so-called “Kylonian filth” – a brutal reprisal against the participants in the rebellion raised by the Athenian Cylon who tried to seize power in the city.

The Niarchos Foundation stated in its messagethat “after five years of continuous delays and inaction by the relevant authorities” he was “forced to withdraw a grant to support the design, construction and equipping of the Kelyfos Polyandriou exhibition pavilion“.

The SNF stated that it expressed its intention to fund the project to the ministry in February 2017. The grant would include the creation of a new building with museum infrastructure designed by architect Renzo Piano.

“From the very beginning of discussions between the SNF and the ministry, progress on the project has been characterized by persistent and systematic delays,” the SNF said. “These conditions have led to the SNF Board of Directors taking a decision to withdraw and cancel the grant, which is effective immediately.”

The SNF said that “if the development of this project reaches maturity in the future, we will be at the disposal of the ministry to evaluate a new grant application with good intentions.”

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