Souvlaki: how prices have risen and where

To the questions “What’s going on with the price of the Greeks’ favorite “street food”?” and “How much do souvlaki cost in different parts of Athens?” journalists decided to answer, and this is what came of it.

The phenomenon of explosive price growth began to be fixed in March, when the rise in price became especially noticeable. According to a survey conducted by MEGA, in some parts of the country, souvlaki cost about… 4 euros!

It is significant that the average price of a simple barbecue, pork or chicken gyros, ranged from 1.70 to 1.80 euros in 2021, and this year it has reached 2.20 euros. The average price of souvlaki tilichto (τυλιχτό με γύρο) last year was 2.60 euros, and this year it is about 3.50 euros. The “MEGA Hour Society” program presented specific data by region.

Prices for souvlaki τυλιχτό με γύρο in Attica:

  • Ilion: €3.20, kebab (1 skewer, Kalamaki) €2.
  • Peristeri: €3.10, barbecue €2.
  • Glyfada: €3.40, barbecue €2.10.
  • Vari: €3.30, barbecue €2.10.
  • Kolonaki: 2.90, barbecue 1.90 euros.
  • Ghazi: €3.30, barbecue €2.10.
  • Galatsi: €2.80, barbecue €1.50.
  • Souvlaki: up to 3.60 euros on the islands.

Prices for souvlaki on the islands broke all records. According to MEGA, in Tinos, souvlaki τυλιχτό με γύρο costs 3.30 euros, and a kebab costs 2.10 €. On Syros, respectively, the price is 3 euros and 2 €. In Mykonos, the cost of a souvlaki τυλιχτό με γύρο reaches 3.50, and a barbecue – 2 euros. In Chania 3.60 and 1.80 respectively.

For a couple, going to a diner (psitopolio) to indulge their stomach with delicious “street food” looks like this: for two souvlaki τυλιχτό με γύρο, three simple kebabs (kalamaki), a portion of potatoes and two soft drinks this year will have to pay about 20 euros instead of 15 euros, as it was in 2021.

Stefanos Pulis, the owner of a souvlaki diner in Rhodes, told MEGA that the situation is difficult as the price of chicken has caught up with pork, while the cost of butter has skyrocketed.

He stressed that last year he sold souvlaki τυλιχτό με γύρο and barbecue for 2.40 euros for 2.20 euros. And this year the prices are 2.80 and 3 euros respectively.

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