September 22, 2023

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Today we remember the most tragic page in modern Greek history, the Genocide of Pontian Hellenism, which counts more than 353,000 victims. A valuable part of Hellenism was lost, violently uprooted from its ancient homeland and led to exile, but not to oblivion.


In the new era, the Pontians of America, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia have successfully created centers of Hellenism in the countries where they live and enjoy the recognition and respect of societies in the host countries. They share their rich cultural tradition with the peoples of the world.


Today, the two million Pontians where they unite their voice and together with Hellenism everywhere, demand justice. They demand the international recognition of the Pontian Genocide by Turkey. They demand respect of the historical memory.


Turkey, in view of its European perspective, is called to recognize the genocide committed by the Kemalist regime, to apologize to the descendants of the victims of Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians. Not because Hellenism seeks revenge, but because in this way Turkey could build its future on a sound foundation, respecting human rights, respecting tradition and history. The mistakes of the past must not be repeated.


We owe it to the younger generations to respect our past, our history and our culture, our religion. To pay tribute to our  unjustly lost brothers and sisters. Let us not forget those who suffered persecution, those who suffered, those who lost everything. Only in this way will we be able to keep alive the flame of Hellenism.


It is a sacred duty and responsibility of all of us to support the efforts of our Pontian brothers and sisters , to actively defend the right to the restoration of the historical truth in the international community.


Dr.Olga Sarantopoulos M.D.,PhD.,M.Phil.

World Secretary SAE

President of the Hellenic Society of Austria

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