Will the Ukrainian army cross the border with Russia

As soon as the Ukrainian army came close to the Russian border in the Kharkiv region, military experts began to predict whether it would go further.

However, most of them agree that Ukraine’s advance into Russia would be a mistake, it is extremely unprofitable for it. According to Western experts, such a decision would disperse Ukrainian military power and could provoke the use of nuclear weapons by the Russian Federation. In addition, a possible breakthrough through the Russian Belgorod, creating a turning point in the war, will undoubtedly affect the support of the West. Michael Peck of Forbesa military expert on defense and military equipment, notes:

“On the one hand, a Ukrainian military boot on Russian soil could divert forces from the main Russian offensive south, embarrass the Russian government and boost Ukrainian morale. It could also be sweet revenge for a conflict that has engulfed almost all of Ukraine.”

But still, Peck is sure that the promotion of Ukrainians in the Russian Federation is more likely to be a huge mistake:

“This will dissipate Ukrainian military power, possibly provoke Moscow to use chemical or nuclear weapons, and support Russia’s claim that the invasion of Ukraine was a “defensive” war. Perhaps most importantly, it could deprive Ukraine of support from Western countries that do not intend to risk an escalation of the conflict all the way to a third world war.”

The expert notes: there is no information that Ukraine planned to send ground troops to Russia. But he admits that everything is possible. He refers to other Western military experts who think similarly – an attack on the Russian Federation could be a disaster for Ukraine. Alex Vershinin, a Russian military logistics expert and retired US Army colonel, says:

“If Ukraine tries to drive directly into Russia through Belgorod, this will stretch the Ukrainian flanks, leaving them open to a Russian counterattack and a possible cordon.”

And although, he believes, such a decision will significantly delay the plans of the Russian army, Ukraine may lose important formations.

Earlier, Oleksiy Reznikov, Minister of Defense of Ukraine, warned European colleagues that the war with Russia on the territory of the state was turning into protracted phase and voiced his wishes to the partner countries: how to help to prevent this from happening.

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