Greeks outraged by Turkish accusations on the Day of the Greek Genocide of Pontus.

Provocative statements against the Greeks were made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense of Turkey, causing a wave of indignation among Greeks around the world. Fuel was added to the fire by the fact that they sounded on the Day of the genocide of the Pontic and Asia Minor Greeks.

It was difficult for the Turkish authorities to find more good dayto further spoil relations between countries …

Turkish Ministry of Defense Statement

“We completely reject the allegations of the “genocide of Pontus” by the Greek authorities, who deny any rational and logical truth and persistently continue their efforts to distort historical reality, ignoring it. We condemn this immoral attitude of the Greek politicians who openly lied to their people and to the whole world by making these baseless accusations.

If Greece searches for the shameful reality of the past, it will have to face the horrors stained with the blood of its ancestors, who brutally tried to invade and conquer Anatolia.

Turkish Foreign Minister: Are you talking about the Pontic genocide, when in 1821 the Greeks killed the Turks in Tripoli?

This crime against humanity committed by the Greeks, the barbarous massacre in Anatolia, not counting children, women and old people, is mentioned in the report of the investigating committee of the allied powers and recorded in the Treaty of Lausanne.

Those who are trying to create an artificial agenda, for example, enemies with Turkey at every opportunity, must realize that this is rhetoric that has nothing to do with reality, it harms the Greek people as well…”

Message from the President of the Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou

“One hundred and three years after the merciless pogrom during the Ottoman Empire of Pontic Hellenism, the memory of hundreds of thousands of innocent people who were massacred or expelled from their ancestral homelands lives on. The Greek state recognized the Pontic genocide and on May 19 pays tribute to the invincible Greeks of this region. Recognizing at the same time the decisive contribution of the exiled Pontians to the economic, cultural and social rebirth of our homeland.

It is the obvious duty of the international community to protect historical knowledge by recognizing this heinous crime. Today’s anniversary, in particular, at a time when authoritarian revisionism is directly threatening the stability of our world, acts as a deterrent to ensure that we do not experience similar atrocities again. Respect for diversity and constant vigilance against discrimination and violence is the duty of all of us.”

“Today is a day of remembranceenocide against Pontic Hellenism“, – said the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias on your twitter.

“Today is the day of remembrance for the victims of the Pontic Greek genocide. We keep the memory of 353,000 victims, we honor the great contribution of the Pontians to the economic, spiritual and social life of the country, as well as to the national struggle,” the Minister of Foreign Affairs emphasized in his message.

In memory of the victims of the genocide of the Pontic Hellenes: “He humbled you, made you hungry and fed you with manna, which you did not know and your fathers did not know…”.

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