Pets are a family: one in three would choose their pet, not a house or … husband

A new study estimates that 1/3 of Americans would prefer their pet, even if they had to choose between one or their home.

If the comparison were between a pet or a spouse, the pet would again take precedence, because many perceive it as a family member, writes

In a study of about 2,000 dog and cat owners, 33% of those surveyed would prefer their pet to be at home, and another 33% to their favorite.

31% say the chance of their pet dying could keep them awake at night even more than the death of a family member (28%), or the fact that they could die or be the victim of a crime (18%), and even the fact that they have to leave for a while (14%). Not surprisingly, two-thirds (66%) of people worry about their pet getting old.

According to a survey conducted by OnePoll for ElleVet Science, 69% of respondents said that they are very worried that they will not be able to cope with the pain and problems of their pets when they get older.

On average, respondents reported that their oldest animal was 11 years old, and about ⅓ (31%) reported that their oldest animal was 7 years old or older. Pet owners report that they mostly see vision loss, hearing problems, slow walking and drowsiness as signs of aging.

The truth is, when pet owners consider these signs, they can help their four-legged friends stay in shape longer. About 37% of those surveyed plan to take their pet to the veterinarian more often when signs of aging become more apparent. About half (47%) can even change their home to make it more comfortable for their old pet, for example, putting a special grate on the stairs or lowering furniture (so that the pet can climb up and down on its own).

59% intend to give their pets vitamins and supplements such as fish oil or medical cannabis, while 34% would buy an extra bed to make it more comfortable for them to sleep. 39% wouldn’t want to get another pet when the previous one died, and 44% were considering getting another in an attempt to “balance” the pain of losing their first.

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