Should we expect a new rise in the price of bread

President of the Greek Federation of Bakers Michalis Musios reassures: “Despite the jump in world prices for grain, at least this month and next month there will be no increase in prices for bread and bakery products.”

“The information we received from the flour mills is that we will continue to buy flour at the same prices,” he said, noting that “after the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, grain was also imported from Germany, France, Bulgaria, Romania and Canada”.

However, the expert points out that there may be a slight increase (about 5%) and that, according to official data, so far the price adjustment has not exceeded 10%. “In any case, we insist on reducing VAT from 13% to 6% on bread and other bakery products, as this is the only way bakeries can operate and remain competitive with quality products,” writes

Anxiety after India’s grain export ban

Since the beginning of the year, according to the Kayrros Institute, wheat prices have risen by 60% due to Ukraine’s inability to export grain. It is recalled that Ukraine is the sixth largest producer of cereals in the world and due to the conflict, it is expected that its production will be reduced by at least a third this year.

In India, the world’s second-biggest wheat producer, the situation is getting tougher as the government announces it is banning wheat exports to curb domestic wheat prices after an April heat wave and drought that hit the crop hard.

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