Illegal migrants go to Europe through Moscow

The new route is mastered by migrants, striving for the European Union – by plane to Moscow, then to Belarus and further to EU.

For illegal travelers, according to the head of the Public Security Policy Group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lithuania, Darius Domarkas, a new route has been thought out and formed:

“We see that a new path has been formed, this is the path through Russia, Moscow. People arrive in Moscow, and since access to Belarus is not limited, they arrive in Belarus, and representatives of the Belarusian regime send them to the European Union. We really shouldn’t be deceived by the fact that the numbers are lower these days, the attack is not over yet.”

Speaking about this in an interview with journalists of the Lithuanian national broadcaster LRT, writes BB.LVthe representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs drew attention to the fact that now migrants go to the EU not only from the Middle East, but also from Cuba, for example:

“We have confirming data that there are flights to Moscow not only from the Middle East, but, for example, from Cuba, and then by train to Belarus, and from Belarus to the European Union. If we look at the numbers that show what is happening on our border, we see that these numbers seem to have decreased, but this is very misleading. We are seeing waves of dozens of migrants trying to enter the EU in a given week, and on some days only a few, and this is a huge sign of danger, because we see that this attack is controlled by the Belarusian regime.”

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