What will Greece get from the meeting between Mitsotakis and Biden

Vice-Admiral of the Greek Navy Konstantinos Tsavelas said that Greece was chosen by the United States in the role of “looking” for the southeast of Europe and the Middle East.

“It is very important that the state, through its institutions and political system, be able to observe the big changes taking place at a certain point in time in the global geopolitical environment. To understand the strategic moves of major players in order to be on the right side,” the Vice Admiral said in an interview. with journalists from militaire.gr.

“When we speak through institutions, we clearly do not mean two or three advisers who are hired by the prime minister. We mean the National Intelligence Service (ΕΥΠ), which has the ability to collect information and evaluate it. We mean the Minister of Foreign We’re talking about the Foreign Affairs and Defense Council (ΣΕΑ), and when we say ΣΕΑ, we don’t mean ΚΥΣΕΑ, which is changing significantly.

We mean the ΣΕΑ of such a small state as our country, with the participation of the entire opposition, which will meet to decide on the future of our country. It is necessary to restructure the strategy of our state.

The Prime Minister’s trip comes at just the right time. War in Ukraine, energy problem in EUwhere the United States plays a prominent role in the supply of liquefied natural gas, as well as the role of Greece in the supply of LNG for southern Europe.

As for our country, the United States elected its easternmost “control” station in the Middle East and Eurasia. This will lead to an increase in her status in all areas related to the aforementioned audit. Over time, the EU will adopt this position.

The US strategic approach to our country is not to renew the Court’s lease every year or decade. The US chose this period because it found that anti-Americanism in Greece has waned and the political system, at least the one that claims to be in power, has passed the test of loyalty to Euro-Atlantic solidarity. At the same time, it should be understood that the United States, for its part, along with all other geopolitical and geostrategic advantages, has chosen a special role for us. Now if agreement will be signed after the Prime Minister’s trip to the United States, our lives will change significantly. The fact that Thrace will no longer be a headache brings us to a new stage of strategic security, and in the Aegean we will now have complete control over the sea and airspace.

After the signed strategic agreement with the United States, Turkey will not be able to do anything to us and will be satisfied with only threats. She will not dare to look menacingly neither at Crete, nor at Thrace, nor at the islands.

Supply of new F-16 of Turkey and modernization available also means nothing. Does anyone think that the US will leave Turkey unarmed? Do you think that if Turkey does not receive new F-16s and does not modernize the old ones, it will be less provocative? This is not true. But if the prime minister returns from the US with a squadron of F-35s, it will be tangible proof of our country’s value to our ally.

Is Greece afraid of Turkey? This is mistake. We will continue to do what we have done so far with Turkey. And in the air, it lags behind our Air Force for many years. The gap created by the 2016 coup is large. The entry of Rafale and Belharra into the game significantly increases the level of the Greek Air Force and Navy. Rafale and Belharra will bring the level of power of the Greek armed forces to a new level. And if the F-35s arrive, then we can completely switch to a completely different rhetoric with our eastern neighbor. That is why the opposition, in my opinion, should welcome this trip, because the assumption of a leading role for our country was made by it when it was in power, and the current [власть] continues by signing this agreement.

I also emphasize that I am sympathetic to the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and the termination of their participation in military operations in any part of the world. The “repatriation” of these forces was a step that had to be taken before the war broke out in Ukraine. Such changes require calm and slow action. And confirmation was not long in coming. The war in Ukraine shows us how the United States handles crisis and war situations in a new way. Assistance from afar without the participation of troops, threatening NATO intervention, and at the same time creating an enemy for the European Union against Putin’s Rossim. We emphasizedthat after Ukraine most the big loser is the EU. He got an enemy because Russian entrepreneurship has largely infiltrated the member states.

The EU will try to respond politically as a body, which is difficult because there are many different voices depending on the situation. But she has the opportunity to create her own security forces, and I will speak for myself, and not for NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. The orders that the US military industry will receive will be unprecedented. For this reason, in all articles I emphasize that weapons programs should include in their implementation domestic [греческий] VPK. It can be any program that will give work to the domestic military-industrial complex. I assume that this will be one of the issues that the Prime Minister will raise in his discussions.

The trip of the Prime Minister to the USA provides great opportunities for our country. It should mark a new beginning in which all political forces will participate.

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