Party Leader Election Leads to Massive Growth of SYRIZA Members

“Today we took a big step to bring hope back to our country,” said Alexis Tsipras, president of Greece’s main opposition party, the progressive alliance SYRIZA, late Sunday evening. after the closing of the ballot boxes for the election of the head of the party and members of the Central Committee.

The former prime minister spoke of a “historic day” and a party that is “massive, popular, young, modern and radical”, adding that SYRIZA “will be the first party to make a difference in the next elections.”

On Sunday, SYRIZA managed to increase the number of registered members in Greece and abroad to 172,000 from 61,000 as it allowed new members to vote for the party leader for the first time.

It should be noted that Tsipras was the only candidate for party leadership on the electoral list.

Alexis Tsipras called on all young men and women who are faced with self-doubt at work; pensioners who saw their incomes dwindle, and professionals to “send a strong signal of political change to push events and herald the time for other changes” aimed at Greece and the people of the country.

In recent months, he has toured the country, reaching out to all who are disillusioned and ignored by the conservative New Democracy government, such as workers, the new generation, farmers, the lower middle class.

Due to the energy crisis and rampant inflation, SYRIZA sees “rapid degradation of the government” and early elections before the summer of 2023. In recent public opinion polls, the difference between New Democracy and SYRIZA has been reduced to a few percent.

The scenarios call for early elections in September, and the main opposition estimates that much will depend on whether the tourist season goes well and there are no more catastrophic wildfires like last year.

Strengthening the position of Tsipras in the party leadership will allowaccording to his will, to form a new leadership group of the party.

Sunday’s elections also sent a clear signal, party officials say, that 10 years after 2012, when the party registered significant electoral growth thanks to bailout agreements, SYRIZA-PA not only remains at the forefront as the progressive pole of the political system , but also significantly strengthened by new members in the most important social classes.

It is worth noting that in recent polls, the Greeks expressed their desire for a coalition government of SYRIZA to be formed in the next elections.PASOK / KINALnot the ND-PASOK/KINAL alliance.

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