March 31, 2023

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Automatic dumpster dismembered a man (video)

In an unprecedentedly tragic accident, an automatic dumpster crushed and tore apart the body of a man in the center of Alexandroupoli on Monday afternoon.

According to, the deceased is a young man who threw a bag of garbage into the container and some medicines that accidentally got there. Since the young man was unaware of the danger, he looked into the container to find and retrieve them, but the sealing mechanism worked and the lid closed automatically, pinching and cutting his body in half, while the upper torso was inside the mechanism.

Shocked bystanders ran to the scene to help the victim, but when they saw what was left of his body, they recoiled in horror.

Two ΕΚΑΒ ambulances and a fire service vehicle arrived at the scene.

Firefighters and paramedics arrived at the scene and set up a screen around the trash can while they removed the man’s body.

The terrible death that befell the young man is evidenced by the reaction of the AKAB rescuers, who, upon seeing the dismembered body of the young man, were shocked to tears.

The automatic waste bin is located on the main street of Alexandroupolis, opposite the House of Officers and the Historical Museum. The accident happened in front of passers-by, shoppers and people sitting in cafeterias in the area, according to a local

The body was taken to Alexandroupolis University General Hospital, where an autopsy is to determine the exact cause of death.

Tall, cylindrical bins known as “robotic dumpsters” have been installed in many smaller municipalities. The compactors help to reduce the frequency of garbage collection, as well as reduce the smell of garbage during the hot summer months, notes Associated Press.

local media emphasizes that there was no warning label on the automatic waste bin to draw the attention of citizens to possible dangers and risks.

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