Turkmenistan: Failure to comply with tough restrictions for women threatens with fines and job loss

Tough rules have been introduced for women in Turkmenistan by the new president: makeup is banned, freedom of movement is restricted, and even jeans and wedding dresses are banned.

Over the past few weeks, women who do not comply with the new restrictions have not only suffered financially due to fines, but dozens of them have also lost their jobs. Having come to power, the newly elected President of Turkmenistan, Serdar Berdimuhamedov, took seriously the weaker sex, limiting the ladies in getting cosmetic services, choosing clothes, traveling by car and much more, reports Radio Azatlyk.

Botox and tattoos, extended nails and dyed hair were banned. Cosmetologists who continue to provide such services face arrest for 15 days and a fine. In Ashgabat, at least 20 flight attendants have lost their jobs in recent weeks because they were suspected of using Botox and lip augmentation. Approximately 50 employees of the national railway operator were fired for breast implants and the use of “beauty shots”. Dozens of beauty salons have been forced to close across the country after receiving official warnings against offering “unapproved” treatments and services to clients.

Clothing requirements have also changed. Any tight-fitting clothing is prohibited, including blue jeans. Recommended attire – long, wide-cut dresses and embroidered trousers. For “wrong clothes” the police has the right to detain, draw up a report and issue a fine. By the way, white wedding dresses are also banned from now on.

As for freedom of movement. In accordance with the new rules, drivers of private cars have the right to transport only relatives. In this case, a woman can only sit in the back seat. A woman cannot drive a car on her own, although the government has never publicly issued any official bans before. But you can do without them – just to the limit to complicate the process of obtaining or renewing a driver’s license for the fair sex.

But women in Turkmenistan were not the first to be hit by bans. For example, queues for groceries were previously banned. How to be, you ask, in this case? Register in advance at the store and wait for your time, so as not to “spoil the image” of the president with crowds at retail outlets.

And officials are now required to shave their hair and wear a national skullcap (tahya). The example was set by the head of state himself, appearing in public in a national headdress after the death of his father. After that, the appropriate order was promptly issued.

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