The attitude of the Greeks to European sanctions – what the survey showed

The opinions of respondents obtained in the course of a survey of the Greek public on sanctions against Russia were divided approximately equally. The results were published by the Skai TV channel.

There are a little more of those who consider the imposition of sanctions wrong – 44% against 43% of those who approve of them. Among the latter, 12% believe that the measures taken are enough, 32% are convinced that the sanctions bans should be continued. Opponents of the measures claim that this is “the wrong direction.” Another 13% of respondents did not want to talk about this topic or simply do not know the answer.

The respondents’ opinion was influenced by their adherence to political parties. For example, among the supporters of the ruling New Democracy, there were 79% of those who approve of the sanctions, and 14% do not support them. But among the supporters of SYRIZA, only 22% of those polled “for” the sanctions, only 11% among the adherents of the Communist Party of Greece also approve of them.

Another question about the situation in the Greek economy, 55% of respondents admitted to being pessimistic, while 36% look forward with optimism. Of the three proposed leaders who, according to respondents, are able to cope with economic difficulties, 35% chose the incumbent Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, 23% preferred the opposition leader Alexis Tsipras, and 11% would entrust the solution of problems to the leader of the PASOK party – Movement for Change Nikos Androulakis . And a fairly large percentage of respondents believe that none of them are able to cope with economic difficulties – such turned out to be 23%.

If elections were held next Sunday, 31.5% of respondents would vote for the ruling New Democracy party, 23.5% for SYRIZA, 14% for PASOK, 5% for the Communist Party of Greece, 4% for the right the Greek Solution party and 3% for the MERA25 party. The rest of the parties, according to the poll, are gaining less than the 3% required to enter parliament.

The survey was conducted by Pulse RC from May 9 to 11, commissioned by the Skai TV channel. It was attended by 1206 Greek citizens with the right to vote. The study was conducted throughout the country by telephone survey. Sampling error can vary in the range of +/- 2.8%, writes GreekReporter.

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