June 10, 2023

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cruel "jokes" nature – American "double" reproductive organs

A resident of the United States was born with a rare anomaly that gave her a lot of inconvenience in life.

As tells Daily Mail, 37-year-old Lynn Bell from Arizona (USA) has two vaginas and two uteruses. She was born with uterine didelphis – a malformation, an anomaly in which this organ is paired. A developing girl grows two wombs instead of one, with two separate cervixes and sometimes a double vagina, as in the case of Lynn Bell.

The American told what it is like to live with such an anomaly. She explained that with dual reproductive organs, she goes through everything that other women do twice, including monthly periods, which she has twice a month, and not always at the same time. When they come, you have to use two tampons, one for each vagina.

Theoretically, Lynn could become pregnant and have a baby (by caesarean section), but this is a “high-risk pregnancy”. However, she can become pregnant with two children in one month, one in each uterus, and fathers can be different men. But this is a rare occurrence. According to the American, she survived an ectopic pregnancy. The woman says, “My body can blow my mind. Basically, I was born with extra female body parts. I was born with two vaginas, two uteruses and two cervixes. I manage to really scare some men. However, I understand that not everyone is ready to see it.”

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