Ukraine: protests of Teroboronists and "rabies" Arestovich

Discontent and “riots” are brewing in the ranks of the defense. But not because of a lack of patriotism, the reason is quite different.

“People with machine guns don’t know how to handle them, and they are immediately thrown into the trenches,” is the main complaint of the fighters and their close relatives. They complain about being sent to the front without training and equipment. At first, protests began in Khust, where they wanted to send the defense to the front, then fighters from other brigades rebelled. They complain that they were not trained before being sent to war, and also that they have to supply themselves. Political scientist Yury Romanenko writes on Facebook:

“People don’t really know how to handle a machine gun, and they were driven straight into the trenches. Two days after receiving the summons, and you are already in the Donbass. raked to the front. Or IT people who paid taxes 150-200 thousand a month. The soldiers of the brigade are fed and equipped for their own money. This applies not only to the 101st brigade. I know several other troop brigades where the same bullshit thrives.”

The wife of one of the soldiers of the 101st brigade, Inna Salautina, says that people were initially deceived, promising that they would serve and perform tasks in their region, that is, in Transcarpathia:

“On what basis were untrained people who did not pass a medical examination enrolled and sent to the front? Specifically: my husband after a heart attack, with a non-working heart requiring transplantation.”

Residents of Transcarpathia say that summonses are handed right on the streets, they were given to men in the parking lot of Epicenter, but they mostly approached cars with Kyiv numbers. Galina from Kiev says:

“At the beginning of the war, my husband took us out of the Kiev region to Transcarpathia and went to the local military registration and enlistment office for mobilization. He passed a medical examination, they considered him fit, they let him choose the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the Troop. He went to the Troop. He had no military experience, he did not serve in the army because he was not fit on health. My husband worked in the field of IT, he made good money, he could have been much more useful in this area.”

Ekaterina Bozhok, also a resident of the Ukrainian capital, complains:

“Upon arrival in Uzhgorod, my husband, brother and stepfather went to the troop division of the 101st brigade. At that time they were told that they would serve here, locally. heart problems. They are completely unprepared: my husband was at the training ground 4 times, my brother – 3. We watched various videos on YouTube about training. Moreover, my brother did not do military service at all, even a military department. Many things were purchased at his own expense ( gas masks, plates, etc.) I can’t understand how it was possible to be so irresponsible and deceive so many people, not prepare them properly and send them with nothing? Moreover, there are already dead.”

Daria Marka, the wife of a Teroboronist, complains:

“My husband is also in this 101 brigade. A guy came voluntarily to the TRO. He told about his problems. And he is not fit and never held a weapon in his hands. But he wanted to help at least with something. So what? He was sent to the front! Sick from head to toe, and now it’s only getting worse. Because even when he was still in Uzhgorod, he was given a sick leave in the hospital, so what? He was canceled in the unit and immediately put on duty. In short, they do what they want. no full staffing, no normal first-aid kit, nothing legal.”

The situation is similar in the other team. The wife of one of the soldiers, Tatyana Primachenko, complains about ignoring their appeals:

“From the first day of the war, they have been defending our Motherland without a break. Without weapons, without reinforcements. There is hell, and our guys are standing with one machine gun. Nobody hears us. They took the guys without a medical examination, without experience, without study. They are exhausted. Every day shelling is coming from the sky and from all sides.”

The sister of another says that when sent to the front, they do not pay attention to the state of health:

“He’s been in the thick of it for days now, fighting under constant shelling. The commanders are ordering to go to the front line in the same trenches shot down by the enemy. The soldiers who miraculously survived under shelling are not professional soldiers, but only follow orders. The guys need urgent reinforcement and support troops.”

Meanwhile, local residents say that employees of one of the military enlistment offices in Western Ukraine have moved to brand new cars that cost at least 50-100 thousand dollars. Maybe that’s why the newly minted warriors are forced to look for their own equipment? Alexander Markosov, military expert, says:

“Many things do not agree. On the one hand, the supply of super-howitzers, radars, air defense, armored personnel carriers, aircraft, anti-ship missiles, some billions, no one remembers how many. On the other hand, volunteers drive armor, helmets, thermal imagers, a little better, than children’s drones, requests for the repair of civilian jeeps. These are pennies compared to airplanes and S-300s. It seems that the volunteers are supplying some other army. And it’s been 2.5 months already, and there is no qualitative leap.”

The military commissars, on the other hand, claim that they have the right to send Teroboronists to the front, categorically refuting suspicions of bribes. Andrey Akimov, speaker of the Transcarpathian Regional Center for the Recruitment of Persons liable for Military Service, explains:

“The main tasks of the TCC are to maintain military records and recruit military service – urgent, under contract, during mobilization – communities of Ukraine both in peacetime and in wartime. TCCs do not send people to the combat zone directly, but only staff military units , units or institutions by human or transport resources. Involvement in the performance of tasks of any kind, stipulated by the duties of military personnel, is carried out on command from higher headquarters and under the guidance of direct commanders of military units, units and institutions. Citizens who started the rally were explained that such rallies are inexpedient and unlawful in wartime conditions, and do not lead to the solution of any kind of issues.

In the meantime, the problem with the defense has already been noticed in the Office of the President. Aleksey Arestovich, an adviser to the head of the OP, said that there are many questions about the fact that not trained fighters with 8 years of experience are sent to the front, but with epilepsy and sarcoma. He called it “excesses that piss me off.”

Arestovich, as he writes “The country”, advocated “reviewing all people (at the front) for medical reasons and either demobilize or transfer to sparing positions.” Prepare the rest, do not throw the unprepared to the front. “There are more and more questions, I won’t leave it like that. I’m starting my little Jihad. I’m furious,” he said.

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