Sri Lanka is on fire, the situation is out of control

Tragic large-scale protests due to the financial crisis have gripped Sri Lanka. The cars and houses of politicians are on fire.

In recent hours, the situation has completely spiraled out of control. The result of the protest actions of a large-scale action was the burning houses of legislators and politicians who could not cope with the gravest financial crisis in the country. The famine has brought the masses to their knees, the crowd of protesters indiscriminately lynching all people in uniform. Protesters broke into the home of the prime minister and deputies, and their luxury cars were mercilessly burned, reports

The protests in Sri Lanka have been going on for quite a long time, but they were peaceful. The situation changed dramatically when people from the south of the country arrived at the epicenter of the protests, whose task was to disperse the demonstrators who settled near the government building and lived there for about a month in tents. The army was ordered to open fire to kill, and official figures already speak of 200 injured and 8 dead. The fire destroyed 60 vehicles and 104 buildings.

Sri Lankan authorities have placed armored vehicles on the streets of the capital, the Associated Press reported on May 11. The Ministry of Defense said that the military will return to their places of permanent deployment as soon as the security situation normalizes.

Now the people of Sri Lanka are in a difficult situation, writes “Star”. There is practically no gas in the country, and rolling blackouts are periodically made. The economy is in limbo. Sri Lanka is waiting for the IMF tranche, but the International Monetary Fund is in no hurry to transfer funds – it is waiting for a change of power. Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has already resigned under the influence of mass protests.

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