New deadly "fad": children throw themselves under the wheels of a car

Children have invented a new dangerous game to test the endurance and reaction of drivers in Volos.

As soon as it gets dark, teenagers throw themselves under the wheels of a passing car, creating a high risk of an accident, according to the Mega channel. Vassilis Kallias, driving instructor, talks about his personal “adventure”, unwitting participation in the “game of death”, a situation he had to endure in Volos, writes

“Here is how it was. Driving down the street, I noticed two children on the right side of the road, who looked at me with a “sly look.” I immediately knew, from my own experience, that something was wrong here. I slowed down. Indeed, at the last minute they rushed across the street right in front of a moving car.

Having successfully completed their “death run”, they laughed. The third, apparently, filmed everything on a cell phone camera. What children do is extremely dangerous not only for themselves, but for all road users,” says the driving instructor.

Children in Volos are having fun with the “game of death”

“A girl who was in a group of two or three children, in a hood, crossed the street perpendicularly, without looking around. It felt like you were watching an American movie,” the witness says.

The dangerous craze scares drivers, especially those who drive on dark roads where there is less opportunity for reaction.

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