NATO fighter jets over the Acropolis

The noise of NATO fighters and helicopters, in the course of current events in Ukraine, frightened the inhabitants of the capital of Greece. Military colossus flew over the Acropolis today, Friday, May 13, from 15:15 to 15:40, as part of the Tiger Meet exercises.

Combat training activities represent the solution of tasks on the ground in conditions closest to combat, as well as large-scale integrated training actions of NATO armed forces. Teachings Tiger Meet take place from 9 to 20 May at the Araxos air base and are held for the first time by the 335th squadron in Greece. 60 fighters will take part in the flight, the newspaper reports.

The exercise involves 60 fighters and helicopters from France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and the Czech Republic, which are tasked with performing complex operational tasks covering a wide range (air defense, offensive operations, dynamic targeting and operations to suppress and destroy enemy air defenses, and also Air Force operations carried out in the interests of land and sea operations). The mission is supported by NATO radars (ιπτάμενο radar του ΝΑΤΟ).

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