September 22, 2023

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Cybercrime: filing complaints electronically

As of today, May 13, citizens have been able to digitally file complaints about crimes in cyberspace, following the signing of a joint decision by Ministers for the Protection of Citizens Takis Theodorikakos and Digital Government Kyriakos Pierrakakis.

Applications are submitted through the digital portal of public administration, in the section “Citizen and everyday life”, subsection “Complaints”.

In particular, a citizen will be able to apply for Hellenic Police Cybercrime Directorate electronic complaint against:

  • crimes against minors on the Internet,
  • illegal access to a computer,
  • illegal publication of audiovisual materials via the Internet,
  • violation of the secrecy of electronic and telephone communications,
  • cases of computer fraud,
  • financial cybercrimes using electronic/digital currencies.

Once the application is received and processed, the Cybercrime Office informs the citizen of the next steps to be taken.

According to the Ministry of Citizens’ Protection, in 2021, about 7,500 complaints were filed with the Cybercrime Police Department, and 3,000 complaints have already been filed in the first four months of 2022.

The platform uses the e-services of the Interaction Center and e-mail boxes, which have been assigned to the Greek police services, which eliminates the requirement for the physical presence of a citizen.

The service is developed by the Hellenic Police, the General Secretariat for Digital Management and Facilitation of Procedures and the National Network of Technological and Research Infrastructures (EDYTE SA – GRNET) with the support of the applications of the General Secretariat of Public Information Systems, reports

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