Shock: gasoline at a price of more than 3 euros per liter?

Rising prices, including those for energy carriers, are hitting consumers’ pockets. Residents of Greece are overstocked with essentials and not only, grabbing everything. At the same time, the president of ΕΚΠΟΙΖΩ talks about the cost of 3 euros per liter of gasoline, if the authorities do not immediately intervene in the situation.

Fuel prices – gasoline and diesel fuel – remain high, yesterday in some areas they exceeded 2.60 euros. Gas station owners report that traffic has been significantly reduced, and citizens are now pouring in some gasoline to make only necessary movements by car, writes

“The price can go up to 3 euros per liter”, ohThis was told to mega by the president of ΕΚΠΟΙΖΩ, Panayota Kalapotaraku. She noted the following: “The government must urgently intervene in relation to the excise tax, if the supervisory authorities do not work, then the price may jump to 3 euros per liter.”

Electricity bills and adjustment clause

Speaking about electricity bills, Ms. Kalapotaraku emphasized: “We have sued the electricity providers. The adjustment clause multiplied the price per kilowatt-hour. We are going to court to find the clause illegal and offensive. In order to return the money to citizens who have already paid for the “adjustment”, in the event of a positive court decision, we organize class actions. Every day we receive dozens of complaints about electricity bills.”

Measures that the government is considering for implementation as part of overcoming the economic crisis and inflation:

  • Reduction of VAT from 13% to 6% on basic products (bakery products).
  • “Summer” bonus, financial assistance from the government in the amount of 200 euros for vulnerable households.
  • More extended housing subsidy.
  • Additional “haircut” on repayable advances (επιστρεπτέες προκαταβολές) for business enterprises.

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