Medvedev on Finland’s accession to NATO: “The conflict could escalate into a nuclear war”

Dmitry Medvedev, former Russian president and longtime ally of Vladimir Putin, reacted this morning to the news that Finland and Sweden are even closer to joining NATO.

AT message in Telegram Former President of Russia says:

The endless talk of foreign analysts about NATO’s war with Russia does not subside. Moreover, the cynicism of Western “talking heads” is becoming more and more outspoken. They are trying with all their might to introduce the thesis that Russia is scaring the world with a nuclear conflict into the agenda. Even Trump has recently come out with this. The truth is clear, just to spite Biden. And of course, the Europeans squeak with their thin voices.

In the context of the proxy war unleashed by Western countries with Russia, I want to articulate once again very clearly things that are so obvious to all reasonable people.
1. The pumping of Ukraine by NATO countries with weapons, the training of its troops to use Western equipment, the dispatch of mercenaries and the conduct of exercises by the countries of the Alliance near our borders increase the likelihood of a direct and open conflict between NATO and Russia instead of their “war by proxy”.
2. Such a conflict always has the risk of turning into a full-fledged nuclear war.
3. This will be a catastrophic scenario for everyone.

Finally, he urged the West “not to lie to yourself and others, and not to choke on your own saliva in the paroxysms of Russophobia!”

Medvedev had previously highly assessed the likelihood of a nuclear war. In March, in an interview with RIA Novosti, the politician declaredthat “no one wants any war”, but the threat of a nuclear conflict always exists.

The statement that prompted Medvedev’s similar reaction

“Finland will have to apply to join the NATO military alliance,” President Sauli Niinistö and Prime Minister Sanaa Marin said in a joint statement today, amid major political upheaval caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The joint statement of the two leaders makes it clear that Finland’s decision will be announced on Sunday at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

“In the spring of this year, there was a serious debate about the possible entry of Finland into NATO. Parliament and society as a whole took time to determine their position on this issue. It took time for close international contacts with NATO and its member states, as well as with Sweden. We wanted to give the discussion the necessary space. Now, as the decision time draws near, we declare our equal views, also for the information of parliamentary groups and parties. NATO membership will enhance Finland’s security.

By becoming a member of NATO, Finland will strengthen its entire defense alliance. It must immediately apply for NATO membership. We hope that the steps at the national level, which are still needed to make this decision, will be quickly taken in the coming days,” the Finnish leadership said in a statement.

Finland, which shares a 1,300-kilometer border with Russia and also shares a troubled past with the country, previously withdrew from the North Atlantic Alliance to maintain friendly relations with its eastern neighbor.

Finland’s foreign minister also advocates joining NATO

Finland’s accession to NATO will strengthen security and stability in the Baltic Sea region and Northern Europe, Foreign Minister Peka Haavisto said in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament. At the same time, he noted that Finland is the guarantor of regional security and will further strengthen NATO as a future ally.

Mr Haavisto said that “the war that started in Russia has endangered the security and stability of all of Europe” and added that “the Russian invasion of Ukraine has damaged the security environment, “although Finland does not face an immediate military threat.”

What nuclear weapons do Russia and the US have?

Russia and the USA today are largest nuclear powers in the world. According to the Washington-based Arms Control Association, Russia has 6,257 nuclear warheads, while the three NATO nuclear powers, the United States, Britain and France, have 6,065. Israel, India, Pakistan, China, and North Korea also have nuclear weapons.

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