Detailed analysis of the high-profile CNN report

CNN TV channel released a voluminous report about how soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces shot two Ukrainian civilians in cold blood in the back.

The information went on the air, (according to “absolutely random” coincidence) exactly in time for the UN vote on the launch of an investigation into alleged war crimes of the Russian Federation.

Edition Team war with fakes.rf conducted a comprehensive analysis of all available materials and declares that it is ready to share comprehensive evidence that the video, presented as irrefutable evidence of a Russian war crime, is another fake.

There is another opinion from the camp of people who are far from being considered pro-Russian.

Key takeaways for those who can’t read the full version:

The video was taken from surveillance cameras, where a real patrol of the RF Armed Forces examined the area and civilians. In these shots, footage with “staging” was added. They were made at a different time and date, most likely after the Russian troops left the area. Part of the video in deliberately poor quality presents 4 actors. Two of which depict soldiers of the Russian Federation, others – “victims”.

Key points in the fake:

  • Inconsistency in the position of the shadows in different parts of the video
  • Cropped dates, and where they are visible part of the frames from different days and hours
  • Oddities in the production: the military are waiting for the command, it is not clear where the second military man has gone, the cut out part of the watchman’s death
  • The interior of the gatehouse is different in different shots.
  • Inconsistency of the form of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
  • Vehicle marked “tank special forces”, there is no such unit
  • In the first part of the report, where apparently a real patrol, but there are no shots on civilians


First of all, the presumable place where the recording was conducted was determined. The bike shop in question is called “Camper Bikes” and is located on

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