A rare phenomenon in the Attica Sea: underwater dunes

Undercurrents and shallow waters created small hills of sand in the sea, the so-called “dunes”, which took the form of “frozen” waves.

No matter how much the sea sways above them, these amazing “waves” remain motionless, like a step staircase made of the purest white sand, which gives the water a wonderful turquoise color.

This rare phenomenon is observed between the islands of Aegina and Angistri, in the Saronic Gulf, very close to the islet of Metopi (νησίδα Μετώπη). It is believed that the shoals around Metopi were once landlocked and connected to Agistri and Aegina, but then and over the centuries they were inundated by currents, winds and waves. Today it is a vast turquoise plain with clear waters that allow the visitor to enjoy every detail of the seabed, even without a diving mask. dikaiologitika.gr.

This sedimentation presumably created an undercurrent. According to experts involved in the study of sedimentary rocks – sandstones, limestones, clays, and so on, underwater “dunes” are formed from small particles of other rocks, which gradually collapse under the action of mechanical precipitation of substances dissolved in water and the vital activity of organisms. Having studied the phenomenon in detail, scientists will be able to say what processes led to its formation.

But, be that as it may, for a simple layman – an impressive sight.

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