Taxi drivers dissatisfied with wages and demand higher fares

At a meeting of the leadership of ΣΑΤΑ with the Deputy Minister of Transport, the pressing problems of the production sector were raised against the backdrop of rising gasoline prices.

Taxi drivers are demanding increases and adjustments to their fares, citing the effects of the energy crisis and fuel price hikes as “justifications”.

The taxi driver’s request was conveyed by the President of the ΣΑΤΑ (Συνδικάτο Αυτοκινητιστών Ταξί Αττικής, Attica Taxi Drivers’ Union) to Deputy Minister of Transport Michalis Papadopoulos, whom he met today. During the two-hour discussion, all issues related to the industry were analyzed, as indicated in the message of the union, responses from the ministry are expected within 15 days.

At the institutional level, there was discussion of the industry’s demand to protect Law 4530/2018 and improve it as needed (especially in terms of digital platforms and how they work). “We want a clear (and without gray areas) performance of the services provided by taxis and a rental car with a driver, as well as a systematic control of the services provided by Ε.Ι.Χ.“, – said the chairman of ΣΑΤΑ.

Electric taxis are unprofitable

Regarding the classification of seven- to nine-seater vehicles as taxis in the Attica region, it has been suggested that this be implemented with caution and moderation, and after the State has ensured that the interception of work by private motorists will stop. With regard to electric taxis, the sector workers explained to Mr. Papadopoulos that At this stage, the professional use of electric vehicles is unprofitable due to the minimum battery capacity and the high cost of buying cars.

Mr. Papadopoulos promised that within fifteen days he would respond to all questions raised and proposals submitted by the president of ΣΑΤΑ. “As an administration, we are ready to have an honest dialogue and support the initiative. We believe that today’s meeting is the beginning of constructive cooperation with the state authority in charge of the activities of EDX Taxi,” the ΣΑΤΑ said in a statement.

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