Inglourious death in the basement of a Russian billionaire

Billionaire Alexander Subbotin, who previously worked as a top manager of Lukoil, died in Mytishchi near Moscow. He was found in the house of the shaman Alexei Pindyurin.

The incident was reported by the Mash Telegram channel, specifying that Subbotin died after an anti-hangover session. The shaman calls himself Magua, he lives in Mytishchi and is popular with some famous people. Among his clients, for example, artist Nikita Dzhigurda writes “”.

Magua and his wife are hosted in a private home, where they perform, among other things, Jamaican voodoo rituals. For affluent clients, they offer exotic cures for hangovers: summoning spirits, sacrificing animals, bathing wealthy alcoholics in rooster blood, and “treatment” with toad poison injected under the skin.

The shaman said that the billionaire came to him on May 8, complaining of pain in his heart and asking him to cure him of a hangover, but during the session, his health deteriorated sharply. Pindyurin gave him Corvalol and put him to sleep in the basement, where the ex-top manager of Lukoil died.

Subbotin regularly used the services of shamans near Moscow. The cause of his death is currently under investigation.

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