"frenzied" the driver hit a couple on a motorcycle, returned and ran over again

The driver of a passenger car at high speed crashed into a motorcycle with two elderly passengers, knocking them down. Then he turned around and again ran into one of the victims, inflicting mortal wounds on him. When the police caught him, he said: “I think I’m in a dream, take me home.”
This shocking story took place in downtown Monemvasia around 10 p.m. on Saturday, March 7. spartanews. The driver of a passenger car hit a motorcycle with two passengers aged 72 and 74, as a result of which one of them received a strong blow and fell to the ground, and the driver of the car dragged the other for about 300 meters.

Frightened residents of the city called the police, who made great efforts to stop the inadequate driver. After racing around the city, the patrolman was able to ram the car of a 45-year-old “racer”, and then one of the local residents helped the policeman to clamp and stop the inadequate car, which sowed death and horror.

The next morning, city hall employees washed the streets, according to the deputy mayor, “drenched in blood.”

It is said that frightened people fled in front of the “mad” driver, fearing for their lives. It is reported that some citizens knocked on his window in an attempt to stop him, but he continued to press the gas pedal. As a result of the incident, both men died, and the driver of the car was detained and is being held in custody. At the moment when he was detained by the police, he said: “I think I’m in a dream, take me home.”

According to eyewitnesses, before the attack there was no conflict or dispute between the driver of the car and the victims. Relatives of the victims told the media that they did not even know each other. However, before the incident, the driver of the car had an argument with another man while he was having dinner with his family at a restaurant in the area. Maybe it pissed him off…

The brother of one of the victims, a famous singer in Monemvasier, blamed the police for his brother’s death. In an interview with ANT1 TV channel, the man said that the police did not cordon off or block the road to protect his wounded brother, who was lying on the ground. “They just put a chair next to it, any car could pass and run over it again.”
According to the brother of the deceased, hearing the screams, he rushed to the scene of the accident and saw his brother lying on the ground. The victim asked for a pillow and a blanket, and lay waiting for the ambulance. However, a few minutes later the car that hit them turned around and, gaining high speed, ran into the wounded man lying on the ground, as a result of which the man died on the spot from his severe injuries.

Vice Mayor Monemvasia says

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