Discussion on World War II

Once Georgy was discussing on his blog on the topic of World War II with supporters of the point of view that Hitler was completely like Stalin. Straight here is one face, only the mustache is shorter.

“Good,” George said meekly. – Would you be kind enough to tell me where in the USSR in 1941-1945. there were children’s concentration camps, where children from one month to 15 years old were kept behind barbed wire in barracks, which eventually led to their mass death – as in Ravensbrück, Salaspils and the Kinder KC camp in Lodz?

George was immediately told that the children of those repressed under Stalin were massively sent to orphanages and shelters.
“That’s right,” said George. – But were these shelters barracks in an open field with guards around the perimeter, were there blood pumped out of children for transfusion to soldiers, were there gas chambers and crematoria?
Georgy was told – of course not, it wasn’t, but …
“Thank you,” said George, and banned opponent.
Another person said that Stalin’s camps were worse than the camps run by the SS “Totenkopf” unit. Dachau, Majdanek, Auschwitz – no, they were better.
“Excellent,” said George. – Then tell us in which Stalinist camps, again, gas chambers, crematoriums worked, mass executions and executions on the gallows were carried out, including women and prisoners of war. Where people were tattooed with numbers on their arms, and some guards collected lampshades made from the skin of prisoners.
Georgy was told that, of course, all this did not happen, but due to the harsh working conditions, prisoners died in Stalin’s camps in very significant numbers.
“That’s right,” said George. – But you say that Stalin and Hitler are one and the same person. And here we see the difference.
The opponent began to translate arrows. And George his banned.
Further, a Ukrainian entered into an argument with George.
“Good,” Georgy told him delicately. – Would you be kind enough to tell if Stalin destroyed 6 million Jews and 500 thousand Gypsies, and did he officially destroy any certain nations, intending to wipe them off the face of the earth, leaving no one at all?
George was immediately told about the exile of the peoples when Stalin expelled the Chechens, Crimean Tatars and Kalmyks. The opponent said that there were certainly documents that Stalin was about to meet, and there were all sorts of conversations there.
– There is a “final solution” to the Jewish question in 1942, due to which the Germans began to kill all Jews – from babies to the elderly, – Georgy said boredly. – Here it is. And the fact that someone said something there that Stalin was going to is the level of grandmothers on the bench. Present the documents, and we all know how to compose, we were taught at school.
The opponent is offended. George its sad banned.
George was also informed that it was impossible to celebrate Victory Day so magnificently and expensively. They say all this was 77 years ago, and you, excuse me, did not fight there yourself. What is there. We sat down, mourned for 20 minutes, and went to work cheerfully.
– How interesting, – admired George. – That is, Americans have been celebrating Independence Day incorrectly for almost 250 years. It was so long ago. Yes, and the Jews in vain celebrate Purim, the salvation of the nation from the massacre during the Babylonian captivity 2500 years ago. And the Italians still splendidly celebrate April 25 – the day of the liberation of Italy from the Nazis, and do not think that it was 73 years ago. According to the “Ost” plan, 30 million of the 200 million population of the USSR were going to leave. The Russian nation, in principle, would have been destroyed. May 9 – this is, in fact, our Independence Day, because for the first time in their history, the Russians were put precisely on the brink of complete annihilation.
George was called “too smart”. and George banned opponent for a compliment. He is modest, he is uncomfortable.
Further, Georgy was told – yes, marches of SS legionnaires are held in the Baltic states, and marches of NKVD officers are held in Russia. To which Georgy asked to give him information, because he lives in Moscow and has never seen such a march in his life. Yes, such that the deeds of the NKVD are praised in it, and members of the Russian government would walk together at this rally. The opponent did not answer him. George did not ban him, because they are on good terms. He bans strangers whom he does not feel sorry for at all.
After George was informed that the USSR was an ally of Nazi Germany until 1941, and together they attacked Poland. George asked to tell him why Britain and France did not know this, which on September 3, 1939 declared war on Germany, but did not declare the USSR and did not consider him as an ally of the Reich. “But the USSR traded with Germany.” “And the US traded until December 1941. Does that make the US an ally of Germany?” Of course, there was no answer. It’s nice when something has stable traditions. But the opponent tried to translate the topic, saying that the USSR seized Poland in 1945 and deprived the poor Poles of statehood, in fact destroying the country.
“Oh, yes,” George remarked affectionately. – Please look at what happened under the Germans. Poland was dismembered and did not exist as a state. In 6 years, 6 million Polish citizens were killed, that is, another 23 years, and the Pole nation would have disappeared from the face of the earth. The Poles were not considered people, they did not even have the right to ride in the same trams with the Germans. Under the USSR, Poland was a puppet, but a state. With the Polish language and even with small private property, which was not the case in the USSR. And no one destroyed the Poles by the millions and did not consider them to be “an inferior race.” Comparing this is fucking stupid.
The opponent said that George has an imperial mindset. George readily agreed with this and his banned.
Standing alone among the bodies of dead opponents, like Tamerlane among the skulls, George decided that he would never again spend time on a blog discussing World War II. He will immediately ban ***. For he does not like Stalin in general and specifically (which is reflected in his books), but to engage in lies and attribute pure fiction to him is a frank anti-historical crap. Write about it in your blogs, George does not mind. He does not go to other people’s blogs and does not arrange discussions there. He doesn’t need it. And in his blog, he does not have democracy and freedom of speech, because Georgy is such a dictator by nature that Kim Jong-un sits and bites his elbows from terrible kimchi envy.

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“Good,” George said meekly. – Would you be kind enough to tell me where in the USSR in 1941-1945. there were children’s concentration camps, where children from one month to 15 years old were kept behind barbed wire in barracks, which eventually led to their mass death – as in Ravensbrück, Salaspils and the Kinder KC camp in Lodz?

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