Samaras lambasted Mitsotakis

Former Prime Minister Adonis Samaras in his speech at the 14th ND Congress sharply criticized the main decisions of the Mitsotakis government are both in energy policy and, above all, in the management of national security issues.

Samaras, representing the internal opposition to the Mitsotakis wing of the New Democracy, proposed his own strategy for the country and, accordingly, a different role for the party in this direction.

To loud applause from the delegates, in contrast to the thin applause of the prime minister who had spoken earlier, the former prime minister referred to the political and ideological position of the ND, stating that “there is no centre-right without the right”, and explained: “In the battle for ideas, the party cannot express them to everyone. That is why I stated some time ago that ND is not and never will be “Sweat*”.

The ex-premier separated his position from “political correctness”, specifying: “I’m just for political truth!”. Referring to recent government measures, he said that “there is indeed relief with what has been announced.” However, he then distanced himself from the current actions of the ND, noting: “The question from now on is to have a stable price solution. Because if pricing and taxation don’t change, we will remain in limbo. Emergency subsidies may not be a permanent solution“.

He went on to say that the rapid depoliticization and abandonment of the development and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the Eastern Mediterranean were also misguided, adding: “Unfortunately, the damage has already been done. And it needs to be fixed quickly. And it can be fixed… How the 2024 immediate delegation bug was fixed.”.

No dialogue with “pirates”

Mr. Samaras linked energy policy to national concerns, saying that the exploitation of the hydrocarbons in the Eastern Mediterranean suggests that Greece will do the following. First, it will assert its sovereign rights in the region, as provided by the law of the sea. Secondly, it will conclude all the necessary alliances “to overthrow the pro-Turkish forces.”

He criticized submissiveness in national matters and the “appeasement lobby”, warning, without naming Kyriakos Mitsotakis, that the ND would not tolerate “presses of the Aegean”. In particular, he said that “some forces are planning – and do not hide it – to draw Greece into a total “capitulation” with Turkey. “Share”, that is, to cede our sovereign rights in the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean … That is, for Hellenism to undergo a new national mutilation! “Presp of the Aegean”! Our faction and the entire Greek people will not allow this! I tell them clearly: do not underestimate the Greeks!” He even referred in detail to the “appeasement lobby”, stating that “it has infiltrated all political parties”.

He harshly criticized the Prime Minister for his policy of “threatening sanctions against Turkey”, which was never implemented: today Turkey continues to violate Greek airspace with overflights of the Aegean Sea. And no one has ever imposed sanctions on her! Because sanctions from third parties are not imposed on the violator when you are in a formal dialogue with him. And that’s why I didn’t agree with the exploratory drilling at the time. That’s why I said then: “We should not have a dialogue with the pirates.” Because such a “dialogue” encourages and “legitimizes” the escalation of challenges in the eyes of others. Meanwhile, there was, of course, no “recession” in the Greek-Turkish and Cypriot issue. We didn’t have a “day of the beast”. We didn’t have a “quiet summer”. We had a continuous escalation on all fronts… They jumped from the gray areas to the demilitarization of the Aegean.”

Turkey intimidated Greece

Samaras warned that Thrace “is Turkey’s next step, especially at a time when the storms of revisionism are raging everywhere. “Turkey is trying in practice to question not only our sovereign rights, but also our own national sovereignty.” HTo leave no doubt as to what the Prime Minister meant, he emphasized: “When I asked for sanctions, it was then said that “the threat of sanctions is a stronger weapon than the sanctions themselves.” However, I do not see Turkey succumbing to this “threat”. On the contrary, she herself intimidated us.”

Adonis Samaras also criticized the Prime Minister’s policy in the Ukrainian crisis: “When Russia invaded Ukraine, the international community did not hesitate to impose the toughest sanctions against Russia. Sanctions that are constantly escalating… For this war, of course (in Ukraine), no one spoke about “sanction threats”. Why did Russia violate international law? But didn’t Turkey do the same? And does she continue to do so? This is still happening today in the Eastern Mediterranean. She does it in Turkish-Libyan. It takes place in the Aegean. She does it in the air every day. She does this without a twinge of conscience in Famagusta, despite the clear protests of both the UN, America and Europe.”.

The former Prime Minister noted that “after the war comes peace, and we must now think about tomorrow”. However, he also voiced his objections to economic policy: “In our country, now we must explain to young people how they will live, and how they will create a family, with dignity and dignity. Answer them how they will make ends meet when their salary is 700 euros, and the rent is … 500. And support the middle class in every possible way.

*”River” (gr. Το Ποτάμι) is a social liberal political party in Greece, which advocates the European course of the country’s development. The party was founded in March 2014 by TV presenter Stavros Theodorakis as a Citizens’ Movement for Citizens organization, which did not have professional politicians in its ranks.

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