Greek spicy movie actor dies at 91

Famous actor and porn star Kostas Gusgounis has died at the age of 91 after suffering a heart attack.

The death announcement was made by his friend Dimitris Loukakis, according to him, the actor was hospitalized for a day. Next to him were his daughter Harula, son-in-law Argyris and grandsons Dimitris and Kostas.

Kostas Gusgounis was an actor and photographer best known for his erotic and pornographic films, which he made between 1965 and 1984. Initially, he starred “on the sidelines”, and then his career began to “take off”.


Kostas Gusgounis (Κώστας Γκουσγκούνης) considered a legendary figure in Greek erotic cinema in the 1970s and 1980s. The actor starred in films such as “About Idonoblepsias» (“Peeping Tom”), the award-winning film by Nicholas Triantafyllidis “Radio Moscow”, overcoat (1996) and “Mavro Gala” (Black Milk2000).

Everyone’s favorite actor also made his name in the popular Greek comedy series Tis Elados Ta Pedia (“Greek Boys”). Gusgounis was honored at the 3rd Cult Greek Film Festival on February 14, 2005. Here are just some of the characteristics of the artist: “king of the 1970s”, “master of Greek porn”, “a person who deserves to take the place of the most erotic Greek actor.”

Mr. Gusgounis is also considered a legend of surrealist sexual comedy, “a symbolic figure who left a bright mark on the cult pictures of Greek cinema.”

Who is Kostas Gusgunis?
To the question “who is Kostas Goosgounis?”, not only the female population of Greece, but also most men, will probably answer that he is “the most worthy.” This was the name of one of the many erotic and pornographic films in which the actor was shot, who became especially popular among the generation of young people of the 70-80s).

Kostas Gusgounis was born in Larisa on March 21, 1931 and studied the art of photography with his father, then famous photographer Mimi Gusgounis. Moving to Athens in the early 1950s, he opened a photography studio in Cholargos. But the love of acting pretty soon led him to the cinema. At that time, he appeared on the screen as a supporting actor and starred in episodes. But very soon he became a star.

Filmography: “Η Αγνή του λιμανιού”,

From the 1960s to the 1980s, he starred in several cop films that have gone down in the history of the genre. Mostly in erotic, but there were films and “harder”.


The most famous of them are “χωρίς legend.

Mr. Gusgounis became known to the general public through his participation in the ERT series “Christ is Risen” (“Ο Χριστός ξανασταυρώνεται”), a remake of the work of Nikos Kazantzakis, in which he played the role of Seizi. He also played a supporting role in the acclaimed TV series Children of Greece in the 1990s.

At that time, he participated in many “black comedies” of modern Greek cinema, such as “Radio Moscow” by Nikos Trandafillidis. In the film “Ελληνίδες next top models σε όργια – Η επιστροφή του δασκάλου”, which was shown in 2010the eternal Greek lover played … himself.

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