Fear of nuclear war has increased the demand for bomb shelters in Europe

Bunkers and bomb shelters in Europe are in high demand today – after Putin’s controversial warning to the West.

The Russian President promised “lightning fast” reply to anyonewho will intervene in the situation in Ukraine. Speaking in April in St. Petersburg at a meeting with the Council of Legislators, he noted that it was decided in advance how to respond to such interference. “Blocking” Poland and Bulgaria from Russian gas supplies is a harsh response to the introduced EU sanctions and the supply of weapons, but it can be even tougher and “lightning fast” in case of intervention.

The warning signal to the West about the use of nuclear weapons was taken with all seriousness, which is why specific “real estate” has become extremely popular, the newspaper writes. The Telegraph.

Against the backdrop of fears that hostilities could leave Ukraine, residents of France, Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland are intensely interested in information about the construction and purchase of protective shelters, several large companies told the publication. Klaus Haglund of Bühler GmbH, a Swiss firm that repairs and installs bunkers, says: “Since March, people are very scared and need immediate help.” He claims that demand has become simply “explosive” after the start Russian invasion of Ukraine 24 February.

A specialist basement builder in the UK told the news outlet that such requests were up 100% from the same period last year. Record demand is also being reported from Germany, where the bunker manufacturer building private shelters is the only one in the country. The CEO of the German company BSSD, Mario Peide, said that more than 1,000 calls are received per day.

And even at the government level, there is a stir – the German authorities announced that they are starting to invest in the creation of a “emergency reserve” in case of war and in strengthening basement shelters.

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