World War II veterans from Kyiv appealed to Putin

A video message to the Russian president was recorded by veterans of the Second World War, calling for the release of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians of Mariupol blocked at Azovstal:

Alexandra Romanchikova: “Hitler’s logic was clear, he wanted to destroy all nations. Why you attacked us is not clear. We did not ask for anything and did not impose our own rules on you.”

Aleksey Tkachenko: “War is the destruction of the people. Especially now. This is Putin’s team. It’s not done the same way. Why are you mocking the people? Let the garrison out of Mariupol, please. which are currently located in the city of Mariupol”.

Piotr Tsybek: “I know what’s going on in Mariupol. I’m constantly watching it. But now this is a useless war. We need to stop this massacre.”

Elderly veterans who went through the war are shocked that the Russians, who fought side by side with the Ukrainians against Nazi Germany, are now killing children on the territory of Ukraine. They appeal to the conscience of the Russian authorities and say that they are ready to kneel down to save the soldiers and civilians on Azovstal. The old people say:

“We defended in 41-45 from a terrible villain. Don’t be such a villain. Become a man. Release for the sake of our victory, which we also forged.”

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