Terror attack against Russian journalists prevented in Germany

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Germany reports on the prevention of a terrorist attack against Russian journalists and their families.

The diplomatic mission reports that yesterday in the afternoon a bottle was thrown through the window of the house where the journalists live, breaking the glass. Law enforcement officers called to the scene of the incident conducted an inspection and found a hidden canister with liquid and a plastic bottle tied to it, as well as a gas cylinder with wires, in the niche of the house. Police action was swift, the embassy said in a statement:

“Arriving German law enforcement officers urgently evacuated the residents, cordoned off the complex and called the fire department and sappers. The latter confirmed that the item was presumably an improvised explosive device. Due to the danger of its movement, it was decided to deactivate it on the spot. As a result of the operation, no one not injured”.

Residents of the house moved to a safe place, and diplomats sent a note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanding an investigation. According to the Berlin police, the incident is being investigated with the involvement of the security department and the prosecutor’s office, writes RIA News.

The Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, the statement emphasizes, expects an unbiased assessment by the UN, UNESCO and the OSCE. It does not rule out that “this egregious act may be directly related to the atmosphere unleashed in the Federal Republic of Germany of persecution of state-owned Russian media, which are indiscriminately accused of spreading disinformation and propaganda.” The diplomatic mission claims that data on the place of residence of journalists with photographic materials “were posted on social networks and published in the leading German media,” and threats were and continue to be heard against them, as well as members of their families.

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