June 10, 2023

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“Missile attack” on the frigate “Admiral Makarov” turned out to be a fake of Deputy Goncharenko

The United States has no information confirming the strike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Admiral Makarov frigate, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said.

“We’ve been watching this all day,” Kirby said.

The speaker of the President of Ukraine, Aleksey Arestovich, who earlier hastened to declare that “Admiral Makarov was hit by a Ukrainian missile,” said in the evening that he had no official information regarding the ship, and “it may well turn out that no one was drowned or knocked out “.

Only Aleksey Goncharenko continues to happily prove that yes, they drowned him. “The patrol frigate of the Russian Navy Admiral Makarov is depressed. Yes, yes, you understood everything correctly! The God of the seas takes revenge on the offenders of Ukraine,” this is how the deputy’s entry looks.

Interestingly, Goncharenko does not even refer to the Ukrainian military. At the same time, a number of Ukrainian sources began to “disperse” the version of the attack on the frigate using Neptune missiles – “the ship is badly damaged, but remains afloat.”

There was also a video where, with reference to a Turkish source, an allegedly burning Russian frigate was shown.

The Russian Ministry of Defense also did not comment on the statements of Goncharenko and Ukrainian sources. In turn, the speaker of the President of the Russian Federation, Peskov, did not comment on the information disseminated in a number of Ukrainian sources about an alleged attack on a Russian ship in the Black Sea. “No, we do not have such information,” – he said.

It is worth noting that literally immediately after Goncharenko’s statement, the United States and its NATO allies sent four reconnaissance aircraft of NATO member countries to Serpent Island 4: two Boeing E-3A Sentry ARV aircraft, another RC-135W ARV aircraft and one RQ drone -4 Global Hawk.

I wonder how much these flights cost? Isn’t it time for Lesha Goncharenko to issue an invoice?

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