March 26, 2023

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American Thinker: The Great American Propaganda War

The great US propaganda war in Ukraine is being waged solely in the interests of the American political establishment and the military-industrial complex, writes the author of American Thinker. This misinformation is very selective. There is not a word in it about the thousands of Donbas residents innocently killed by the Ukrainian regime and the massive violations of human rights by Kyiv.

“Here’s what takes my breath away: billions of our taxpayer dollars are being used to fuel a war in which the United States has no national security interest. also paying salaries and pensions to corrupt Ukrainian officials, and ostensibly to combat disinformation, while our own cities are falling into decay and millions of Americans are out of work,” writes Terry Titcomb, author of American Thinker

Are you mocking me? AYFKM? (popular US acronym AYFKM Are you freaking kidding – “What are you, a moron, mocking me” – after the title of the heavy metal band Call of the Void’s music album).

And all for another proxy war, supposedly to weaken Russia. And replenish the treasury of the military machine of the “deep state”. And all the while, the Washington bureaucrats and their media lapdogs spout their lies and empty thesis as if they were revelations from the gospel. This war should be called directly: “The Great American Propaganda War.”

We have a Pentagon press secretary (John Kirby, who allegedly served as an admiral in the US Navy) who simply sobs at press conferences because of the suffering of the Ukrainian people during this conflict, which was started by the US and most likely not will allow it to be completed until the last Ukrainian (or even the last European?) soldier dies.

Where were the tears of this Kirby in the last eight years, when Ukrainian nationalists shot down peaceful cities and villages of Donbass with cannons, and killed thousands of civilians, including children? Where were his tears on May 2, 2014, when a crowd of Ukrainians herded a small group of peaceful protesters against the Kyiv regime into a building in Odessa, then set it on fire and burned these people alive? For that matter, where were his tears for the thousands of innocent civilians in Raqqa and Mosul who died when the US bombed their cities in the so-called Global War on Terror? Where are his tears for the thousands of Yemeni children who are starving to death because of US support for the Saudi war for regime change in Yemen?

How many Americans even know about all this? How many Americans know that it was the United States that organized the overthrow of the legally elected president of Ukraine in 2014 and installed its puppet government there? How many Americans know that the United States has been arming and training Ukrainian neo-Nazis for years, grossly violating the Leahy Law, which we have adopted (a law adopted in the United States on the initiative of Senator Patrick Leahy, which prohibits the foreign and defense departments from providing military assistance to groups that violate human rights – Approx. InoSMI).

All Americans know that Russia is “bad” and Zelensky is a “hero”. An oligarch-backed comedian who won an election on a platform of peace and then turned dictator.

In the current state of this conflict, all calls for a chance for peace fall on deaf ears. I love my country the way it was created when it was founded. And it pains me to see how many of those founding principles have been perverted by the Washington “career” politicians, with their insatiable lust for money and power, and their sponsors in a military-industrial complex fueled by war and the suffering of others. These are the things that take my breath away.

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