Self-evacuation: from Mariupol to Zaporozhye… on foot

A resident of the besieged Mariupol walked 220 km with his dog to “self-evacuate” to Zaporozhye.

It seems incredible, but the man got to the goal, spending five days on the road. Two weeks have passed, and the pet still has calluses on its paws. Volunteers help the owner with his dog Zhuzha recover after a difficult journey.

A resident of Mariupol left his house in the 23rd microdistrict and decided to get to Zaporozhye, taking a minimum of things, some food and water, says Correspondent. Volunteer Masha writes on Facebook: “He walked under shelling, between mines, he walked towards us, to Ukraine, for five days! What a “green corridor”! Look at these hands! The desire to live! It is impossible to defeat our people!

Later, DW found out that the man’s name was Igor. He talks about his journey like this:

More than 4 million Ukrainians have already left Ukraine, and even more people have changed their place of residence inside the country. Even though the countries EU simplified the rules for importing animals from Ukraine, not all owners take pets with them. There are also many animals that have lost their owners and homes during shelling. Animal defenders are forced not only to find ways to feed and treat cats, dogs, as well as lions, yaks, raccoons and other living creatures, but also to pull them out of locked apartments under bombardment. Fortunately, Zhuzha was lucky, even risking his life, the owner took her with him. Now they are in Kyiv.

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