Russian generals die because of US intelligence

The New York Times published an article whose authors cite anonymous sources, which talks about the connection between the deaths of Russian generals and US intelligence data transmitted to Ukraine.

They were used to strike, writes air forcein which high-ranking Russian military personnel were killed. American intelligence, sources say, helped the Ukrainians kill many Russian generals, but clarify that not all such strikes were based on information from the United States. For example, the strike on April 30 at the command post in Izyum, where Valery Gerasimov, chief of the Russian General Staff had been shortly before, did not rely on such information.

By the way, Russia did not report on Gerasimov’s trip to Ukraine, as well as on the strike on Izyum – there was information about this in the American media, citing an intelligence source. There was also information in the Ukrainian media, which hastened to report Gerasimov’s injury, but these statements were not confirmed. And in today’s article

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