hidden cam expose

Curious citizens who want to know “the whole truth” filmed with a hidden camera in one of the production facilities (kitchen) of a well-known chain of eateries. And what was captured on video causes real disgust and shock.

Unfortunately, what glitters is sometimes not gold at all. You can go to an advertised well-known diner, in the backyard of which there is unsanitary conditions and a complete lack of conscience among the staff (a person in latex gloves grabs the trash can first, and then the finished dish). This is exactly what was documented.

In another case, a hidden camera helped sort out the “crazy old man” case, fully admitting he was right and revealing the one who brought the elderly man to such a state.

The 89-year-old World War II veteran lived alone and paid a woman to look after him at home. At some point, he thought that he was starting to go crazy … As he writes athensmagazine.gr, after a few months the old man began to realize that something was wrong. He began to lose money from his account, because, as it turned out, his pension was not enough to cover his monthly expenses. He began to wonder what was going on.

Then his relatives decided to put a hidden camera in the living room of the house to see what was happening during the day. They let the camera record every move for several days, and when they decided to see what the camera recorded, they were surprised.

As soon as the footage from the video was shown to the elderly man, he nearly had a heart attack. He could never believe that the woman who lived in his house and was paid to look after him could be the one who subjected him to bullying.

The most important thing in the relationship between a person and those who are called to take care of him is trust. It will definitely take a long time for this man to start trusting anyone again…

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