March 26, 2023

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Greek Freight Transport "turned yellow"

Greek freight transport is signaling SOS while under ‘threat of extinction’. Foreign trucks “dominate” Greek motorways as the domestic trucking market remains fragmented and “vulnerable” to competition.

Shocking proof: Greece has the oldest truck fleet in the world, according to the latest available ACEA data EUthe average age of vehicles in use is 21.4 years!

Industry demands include incentives for fleet renewal, lower tolls, subsidized fuel costs and tighter controls on foreign trucks.

Lately, as reported, the discussion of this issue was resumed in the Ministry of Transport of Greece with the ministries subordinate to it. It was about strengthening the control system at the main entrances to the country.

According to the leaders of the Greek federations of public transport (ελληνικών ομοσπονδιών φορτηγών δημοσίας χρήσης), the system μικτά κλιμια ελέγχου (mixed control and inspections), despite the applied efforts, it was not possible to “stop the interception” of the transport project.

In order to cope with this phenomenon, the Ministry of Transport is negotiating with the ministries of finance and development to cancel the Μικτά Κλιμάκια Ελέγχου (MKL)* and replace them with fixed checkpoints installed in certain locations, which will have an appropriate logistics infrastructure.

** In each regional unit of regions of the country, one or more mixed control levels (MKL) are recommended. The mixed checkweighers are responsible for the control of the legality and safety of traffic and emissions of vehicles, Greek and foreign, plying in the country, the control of the legality of movement on the roads of transport, as well as the imposition of administrative sanctions.

In addition, it is considered tightening sanctions, such as levying fines locallyas is customary in other countries. In general, it is expected that other relevant legislative interventions will take place, including the assessment of minimum transport costs, further control of legal circulation and the implementation of transportation by trucks owned by courier companies.

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