February 3, 2023

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ΕΝΦΙΑ-2022: winners and losers

While society is at its breaking point, taxpayers are receiving notices to pay ΕΝΦΙΑ, the property tax. As expected, the position of 5,000,000 property owners will be several tens of euros “easier”.

The family budget will be even more burdened, as property owners will receive payments for the new ΕΝΦΙΑ. Property tax is expected to be payable in installments from May to February 2023. However, this year’s ΕΝΦΙΑ, while slightly lower than last year, is adding to the already bloated liabilities of millions of taxpayers facing a wave of inflation.

In addition to the electric shock bills, groceries on supermarket shelves that will be repriced in May and gasoline prices that remain above 2 euros per liter, it will be time to pay for ΕΝΦΙΑ.

More than 380,000 property owners will be billed “inflated” because they either own properties in expensive areas with high zonal prices or are located in 3,500 areas of the country that by the end of 2021 were not included in the fair value system and were taxed in practice.

It is noted that before the beginning of 2022, even in the Attica region, there were dozens of regions outside the objective system: Turkovunia, Psychiko, Sismanogleio region, Paradisos (Marousi), Polydroso (Chalandri-Marousi), Balana region (Gerakas) and part of Nea Makri.

These are “loin” areas that paid lower taxes than they should, and now their owners will be forced to pay a higher price. In practice, part of the reductions in ΕΝΦΙΑ are funded by the increase in areas included for the first time in objective identification system. Despite the increase in objective values ​​for 60% of the zones that were included, there will be a reduction in property tax, which will be paid by individuals.

ΕΝΦΙΑ notifications have become “easier” for almost 5,000,000 owners, as the new base tax rates have been reduced for zonal prices to 4,000 euros per square meter. Properties located in areas with low and average prices in the zone will have benefits this year ΕΝΦΙΑ, even if the objective values ​​in their area have increased.

The owners of many properties are also expected to benefit, provided that none of them has an objective value (each separately) of more than 400,000 euros, since they are exempt from the additional tax they paid until last year. Middle-class owners with properties worth €200,000 will benefit from the new tax calculation regime, but in any case, they will be small.

In fact, if the total value of the property does not exceed 300,000 euros, no additional tax will be charged on it. Otherwise, and if the total value of the property exceeds 300,000 euros, an additional tax will be charged on a special scale and at rates from 0.2% to 1%.

Among the “offended” are 980,000 taxpayers with real estate with an objective value of up to 80,000 euros, who will not have a discount on their ΕΝΦΙΑ account.

Discounts for vulnerable groups

Discounts of 50% and 100% in ΕΝΦΙΑ for socially vulnerable groups remain. In particular, in order for a taxpayer to receive a 50% discount, they must collectively meet the following conditions:

  • The total annual net family income for the previous year must not exceed €9,000 plus €1,000 for the spouse and each dependent family member.
  • The total area of ​​buildings owned by the taxpayer and other members of his family must not exceed 150 square meters.
  • The total fair value of buildings and land within the city limits owned by the taxpayer or his family must not exceed EUR 85,000 if he is not married, EUR 150,000 if he is married with no children, and EUR 200,000 for those married with one or two dependent children.

100% exemption from ΕΝΦΙΑ

Accordingly, in relation to those with three children, large families and people with severe disabilities more than 80%: based on what is in force today, they are entitled to 100% exemption from ΕΝΦΙΑ if they meet the following conditions:

  1. The family’s total annual net income for the previous year did not exceed 12,000 euros, an increase of 1,000 euros for the spouse and each dependent member.
  2. The total area of ​​buildings in which they have full or partial ownership or use, the person who is obliged to file a tax return, his wife and dependent children, does not exceed 150 square meters.

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