To whom is war, and to whom is mother dear

The billions sent to help Ukraine did not bypass the redistribution scheme worked out for many years, that is, into the pockets of officials.
Envying such brazen theft, even Ukraine’s European partners began to resent the scale of imports of luxury cars into the country. This was reported to Suspilny by the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Mustafa Nayem.
The publication says that hundreds of new BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class are imported “for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine” without customs duties. The situation has become so serious that, according to Nayem, in Ukraine it has been decided to reduce the number of checkpoints through which it will be possible to import cars from EU. “Our partners in Poland, Slovakia and Romania are a little surprised by such an active renewal of the vehicle fleet of a warring country for which the whole world is raising funds for humanitarian aid. They are shocked by the industrial scale of imports “for the needs of ZSU” of luxury cars. In the eight days following the abolition of customs duties, 14,300 cars were imported into the country,” Nayem said.
And after all, no one asked the question, why in the hell is a warring country so many luxury cars? And that’s just cars. In addition, over the same period, completely legally, without any customs payments, “humanitarian aid” was imported into the country in the form of various fabrics – for UAH 360 million, mobile phones for almost UAH 200 million. and so on.
“Unfortunately, this is how some of our fellow citizens interpreted the government’s initiative to help volunteers and the army. I think that in the near future, my colleagues from the Ministry of Finance and Customs will propose to the Cabinet of Ministers appropriate changes to the regulatory framework in order to correct this situation without prejudice to real volunteers” , – complains Mustafa, who profited well from the subject of Maidan. Or maybe this time he was simply bypassed by “attention”?

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