Politico: thousands of American volunteers are fighting in Ukraine

Thousands of US citizens volunteered to go to war in Ukraine, joining the ranks of other foreign volunteers.

The Politico edition tells, for example, about Task Force Yankee. Led by Harrison Yosefovich, the group sent more than 190 volunteers to the battlefields in Ukraine. They fight in combat positions, and are also engaged in the delivery of food and medicine in the south and east of Ukraine. The group delivered almost 15,000 first-aid kits to the front, helped relocate about 100 families, and carried out other necessary actions.

Harrison Yosefovich is a former police officer who quit his job at the Chicago Police Department and left shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. The army veteran said he could not help but join the American volunteers seeking to help the Ukrainians in their struggle.

Politico claims that thousands of Americans express a desire to go to the aid of Ukraine, to the places of battles, as evidenced by the number of requests processed by the Embassy of Ukraine. The Ukrainian authorities allegedly use the Internet to attract volunteer mercenaries.

The former US Marine who died last week is believed to be the first American citizen to be killed during the fighting in Ukraine. Willy Joseph Kansel, 22, died on Monday. He traveled to Ukraine from a company that recruited volunteers to Ukraine to become a member of the Ukrainian International Defense Legion, his mother Rebecca Cabrera told CNN.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced at the creation of the legion: “Everyone who wants to join the defense of security in Europe and the world can come and stand shoulder to shoulder with the Ukrainians against the occupiers of the 21st century.”

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