Coming mobilization? Russia, say CNN and GUR, is ready to announce it on Victory Day

According to Ukrainian intelligence, Russia is preparing to announce an open mobilization on May 9. CNN also writes about it.

Kirill Budanov, head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, tells the publication “New time”:

“Already now, Russia has switched to covert mobilization and is preparing to announce open mobilization in the near future. Now the Federal Reserve has begun to check what they actually have in stock and calculate what they can give out on mobilization orders. This is an absolutely necessary step before starting real mobilization.

When asked by NV whether the Kremlin’s plan is to win in the Donbas before Victory Day, the head of the GUR said:

“This is their goal, but it won’t happen, they don’t have time. They don’t have time in any way. There is only a week left. Fighting continues in the east of Ukraine, but the Russian Federation has not yet managed to win the battle for Donbass.

Western officials are considering a scenario in which Russian President Vladimir Putin may officially declare war on Ukraine on May 9. This is reported CNN. According to American officials interviewed by the publication, this will make it possible to declare mobilization in order to send an army to conquer eastern and southern Ukraine (now neither Russia nor Ukraine has declared war on Russia).

A formal declaration of war on May 9, under Russian law, would allow Putin to mobilize reserve forces and draft conscripts that officials say Russia badly needs amid a growing shortage of manpower for the war in Ukraine. Other options for May 9 include the annexation of Luhansk and Donetsk region, the beginning of an attack on Odessa in the south or the declaration of complete control over Mariupol.

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