A large-scale increase in the price of basic products up to 50% is coming

A significant rise in prices for basic products starts next week and will continue until mid-June.

The list contains more than 300 titles. Price changes will occur at a considerable speed and in some cases reach 50%. It is expected that this list will expand, but for now, among its main components (a rise in price in percent):

Sunflower oil 50%,

stationery 15% -25%,

margarine 20%,

olive oil 20%,

corn oil 10% -18%,

croissants 9% -20%,

cheeses 4% -17%,

bread 8%,

filtered coffee 17%,

Greek coffee 13%,

ready meals 5%-13%,

freshly squeezed juices and tea 2.5% -12%,

frozen potatoes 10%,

milk 5% -9%,

cookies 8%,

detergents 5%-8%,

yogurt 6% -7%,

butter 5% – 6%,

salads 6%,

shampoo 6%,

wines 4% – 6%,

nuts 5%,

salt 5%,

cereals 5%,

eggs 4.5% (on average).

This rise in price and expansion of the list of basic products for which the price will change is expected to lead to a financial impasse for thousands of vulnerable households. newsbeast.gr.

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