Megalonissos Evia – Petali: an island half an hour away from Attica with exotic beauty

Greece never ceases to amaze us with its beauties. Every corner of it seems to be a miracle of nature. For example, today we offer to make a virtual trip, visit Petali (Evia), just half an hour from Athens by sea.

On the western side of the island of “Megalonisos” Petalia there is an amazing bay (we will report its coordinates later), where the color of the water is simply incredible blue. It is a windless, spacious bay with shallow waters and white sand forming small sand dunes, in which beachgoers are very comfortable.

Near the beach are the ruins of buildings from the era of Ottoman rule, in which the harem of Omer, the Sultan of Karystos, lived, from the chambers of the palace of which Khanuma looked into the distance at the endless turquoise expanses. The tourist destination is definitely worth a visit for swimming and sightseeing.

Petali (Megalonissos)

Petali is a small archipelago located in the southern part of the Gulf of Evia. It belongs to the municipality of Karystos in the region of Central Greece. The complex includes 10 islands, all of them are uninhabited. However, in the recent past, Megalonisos and Chersonisi, the largest islands of the archipelago, were inhabited.

The other islands of the island chain are Αβγό, Λαμπερούσα, Λουλούδι, Μακρονήσι, Ποντικόνησο, Πράσο, Τράγος and Φούντι. The total area of ​​the archipelago is about 22.5 square kilometers. The Petalians during the Turkish occupation belonged to Sultan Omer of Karystos and housed his harem.

The islands enchant with exotic beaches unlike any other beaches in the south Evia area.

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