June 10, 2023

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Tragedy in China – the collapse of a multi-storey building

Dozens of people may be under the rubble of a 6-story building that collapsed in Changsha, a city in central China.

According to FAN, citing local media, the building housed a restaurant, retail outlets, a private cinema, and a hotel on the top three floors. The number of injured and dead is not yet known, but dozens may be under the rubble.

About 700 emergency workers are involved in the search operation. Five people were rescued and sent to the hospital. Minimum 18 people informs China Central Television (CCTV) remains under rubble, with 39 missing.

Law enforcement agencies are investigating the causes of the incident. The landlord has been arrested. According to available informationchanges were made to the design, for which there was no permission, by the tenants.

Chinese President Xi Jinping ordered “at any cost” to try to save those under the rubble. Search dogs are on the scene.

In the same city, an original record was previously set: an 11-story building was built in just 28 hours…

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