“Black Widow” bitten 4-year-old baby in Pelion

A four-year-old child was bitten by the poisonous Black Widow spider in Portaria (Pelion). The hand at the site of the bite became hard, red and extremely painful.

The kid was playing outside near the cafe and suddenly felt pain. The parents were not at a loss and, having found a bite mark, promptly contacted the toxicological center. The specialists gave all the necessary recommendations and told how best to transport the boy to the nearest hospital. He was taken to the hospital of Volos, from where he was transferred to the Children’s Hospital of Athens, where he was taken by an ambulance ΕΚΑΒ, writes TheNewspaper.gr.

After a day’s stay in the hospital, the child was discharged, now everything is fine, and nothing threatens his health. It should be noted that the “Black Widow” is found in various areas of Greece. Spiders do not often attack, but their bite can even be fatal – in the elderly, young children, and allergy sufferers. Antidote should be given as soon as possible.

In the event of a bite from a poisonous spider, first aid must be provided: if possible, limit the spread of poison in the blood by pulling the tourniquet on the hand or foot, and then thoroughly rinse the wound. It is necessary to deliver the victim to a medical facility as soon as possible.

The black widow is not aggressive towards a person and bites him only for self-defense in a hopeless situation (if, for example, a spider is crushed by hand). Black widow bites dangerous – they cause a painful condition known as latrodectism. An hour after the bite, a neurotoxin called α-latrotoxin spreads through the victim’s lymphatic system. There is an extremely painful spasm of the abdominal muscles. Possible vomiting, profuse sweating, thirst. However, with proper treatment, the disease usually ends in full recovery.

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